Monday, August 13, 2012

.Mitt Romney Chooses Paul Ryan as VP: Hollywood Reacts

With the confirmation that the presumptive GOP nominee picked the congressman as his running mate, Rupert Murdoch, Alec Baldwin and other industry names chime in.

Given that Mitt Romney's choice of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate was a move to excite the right wing of the Republican Party, and that Hollywood is closely aligned with the re-election effort of President Barack Obama, it should come as little surprise that the immediate reaction from the industry has been less than enthusiastic.

Though it remains early, a few filmmakers and comedians have already chimed in. Michael Moore called the pick a smart choice, if only for Ryan's ability to "get people to the polls," as he slammed him for stoking "ignorance and fear." Meanwhile, Kal Penn joked that he was upset Romney hadn't chosen Lousianna Gov. Bobby Jindal, as he could have played him on television. And Alec Baldwin went so far as to liken Ryan to Sarah Palin.
Russell Simmons displays he true hate for white people.  Racism on display.
Two supporters: Suzanne Somers and Rupert Murdoch, both of whom praised the Ryan pick.


"Another center-right Republican Pres'al candidate tries to burnish his right wing cred with a fringe right running mate. "
"Channeling Bush, war supporters/military dodgers Romney & Ryan insult those who served by using battleship as their prop."


"Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, two men who will destroy our people."


"Thank God! Now we might have a real election on the great issues of the day. Paul Ryan almost perfect choice".


 "He is an excellent choice."


  1. Any woman stupid enough to think that Paul Ryan, the same Paul Ryan who voted against equal pay for women, is an excellent choice is just plain stupid. I guess her Chrissy character really was a dumb blond.

  2. Sher - Spoken like a true liberal. Instead of providing facts and good ideas, you have sunk to the typical liberal gutter by calling women stupid. Keep it up that liberal only helps my cause... thank you but try to think outside the box. Great article to read about the Ryan polls.